Centrally located in Europe and bordering two of the EU’s main consumer markets, France and Germany, Luxembourg is a highly strategic location for European business. The highly international and multilingual country often acts as a bridge between different cultures and business approaches, which facilitates the reach to various European markets from one single location. The economy is strongly export-oriented, and it is easy to recruit staff with the language skills and cross-cultural experience needed for doing business internationally.

With its openness to innovation, diverse population and closeness to technological hotspots in Europe, Luxembourg is also an excellent testbed for innovative products and services and a secure environment for companies wishing to geolocalise and certify their offering for the EU market.

Cooperation between private companies and public research centres is actively encouraged, and research organisations are open to cooperate with companies on product development and tests. Both European and national grants are available for R&D and innovation projects.

Setting up a business in Luxembourg

There are several steps you will need to take to set up a company in Luxembourg : acquiring necessary permits, choosing the suitable legal form, dealing with residence permits, visas and social security affiliations etc.. We have put together a practical guide to walk you through the different steps.

1. Apply for your business permit

Business creation: information, advice and administrative procedures

Making entrepreneurship easy is a Luxembourg priority. The House of Entrepreneurship offers free information and personalised advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and managers of established businesses on topics such as the creation, sale or acquisition of a company, in particular in the area of right of establishment, and legal and tax matters.

Detailed information and required forms covering a large number of administrative matters can be found on Luxembourg’s business portal Guichet.lu.

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